A time-bending little puzzler. Look how cute you were a few seconds ago! Just make sure your actions don't cause a paradox in the space-time continuum!


If you like Bejeweled, you will love this game.
It takes the simple mechanics of Bejeweled and wraps them as a battle system into a fantasy flash game.
Swap the different symbols to get three in a row and trigger a spell, that either hurts your opponent or heals yourself. When you trigger symbols your opponent uses for attack, you will get a defense bonus against his next attack.

Graphics and story are also great.
I just hope there will be a second part of this game.

Sittin´ at a Bar

The world just sucks?
You want to drown your sorrows?
Then that´s your game.
Just sitting at a bar, drinking beer and trying to keep your balance.
Very cool music!